Sakurako Hamaguchi
This is a video recording attempting masking tape art with a child during the everyday life of staying at home due to the coronavirus. Tape is spread all throughout the house. I can't go back to painting after I gave birth. I'm in the house, I'm just a mother. I felt uplifted when using tape. Rather than using a brush, the sensations of tearing, scratching, and rubbing come alive in my hands. My son soon gets bored and starts playing with something else. I'm the only one who keeps taping like a child left behind in the park after everyone else has gone home at dusk. I feel like I'm going back to being not just an artist, but a mother, and more and more, just a child. When I was a little girl, using tape felt like the only thing I did. I used small, round, colored tape. I will always be using tape. I am especially fond of bright colors. I would play with tape until my mother said dinner was ready. This activity is the reason I am in this world. I wondered if I could somehow exist with this. Nervously, I hand my son some tape again.