The climate of Kyoto, where tradition creates avant-garde works

Iseo Nose、Kenta Oka
This interview using hints from the world of Kazuo Yagi, who was active in Kyoto and revolutionized the world of pottery, shows the background of how the ancient traditions of Kyoto gave birth to avant-garde works of art. The secret story of the birth of his work is revealed through the experience of Sadakazu Uchiyama (supervisor of the Gallery Salon de Vaḿhou), who was a friend of his youth. There are valuable testimonies including interactions with Shindo Tsuji and sculptor Masakazu Horiuchi, who influenced Yagi.
Iseo Nose's "Tradition and the Avant-garde in Kyoto" (2020, 31 min) and a video that includes a talk between Nose Iseo and Kenta Oka will be shown.