Shimabara Theater

Kyoto Shimabara Theater Steering Committee
This is a video channel that delivers contents on the past, present, and future of Shimabara, Kyoto's flower town. Photos of the streets of Shimabara as well as the past along with video works by creators based on the theme of Shimabara and more are archived here. Shimabara has been one of the venues for the Kyoto International Film & Art Festival. This year, the film festival will be held online, and it will be wonderful if many people get to know Shimabara through this content, which will be a source of energy for us.

Shimabara Walk

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foraged ikebana 01: katsura river

foraged ikebana 02:rurikei

'foraged Ikebana' is sourced from a single location each time, seeking out seasonal, wild materials to draw out form and color that might have been invisible before. A small opportunity to notice and get to know the plants living close by.