Kono Kuni no Sora

Kono Kuni no Sora

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The novel of the same name by Akutagawa Prize-winning author Yuichi Takai was published in 1983 and won the Tanizaki Junichiro Prize. This is the first film in 18 years directed by Haruhiko Arai, one of Japan's leading scriptwriters, who carefully portrays the lives of the common people in Tokyo at the end of the war with exquisite sensitivity and elegant writing, delicately and boldly portraying the war era not as a battlefield, but as a story of the lives of the common people in a sensitive and realistic manner.In "Vibrator," "The Backwater", and many other works, he has masterfully expressed the eccentricity and romanticism of men and women. Fumi Nikaido plays the lead role of Satoko. In the midst of the extreme conditions of war, she exudes an overwhelming presence as she brilliantly embodies the conflict of heart that drives her to fall in a forbidden love with Ichige, a man with a wife and child at the same time making her decision while wondering if she will die without being able to marry.The role of Ichige is played by Hiroki Hasegawa. He passionately plays the role of a man who is attracted to and craves Satoko despite his wife and child. With a cast of talented actors including Yuki Kudo, Yasuko Tomita, Renji Ishibashi, and Eiji Okuda playing supporting roles, this is a heartfelt drama that painstakingly depicts people living in the midst of wartime bombing raids and the looming fear of starvation.


Fumi Nikaido
Hiroki Hasegawa
Yasuko Tomita
Go Riju
Koichi Ueda
Renji Ishibashi
Eiji Okuda
Yuki Kudo


Director Haruhiko Arai
Original Yuichi Takai
Country Japan
Year 2015
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Viewing period
10:00 15th - 12:00 19th Oct.